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$20 Of Free Stuff At

February 28, 2005

What do they sell? well, you’ll just have to go and see…
use coupon code 706971
no minimum purchase required.

HOT!!! 1 GB SD Or CF Card For Only $49 After Rebate, Free Shipping!!! Must Purchase During February For Rebate To Be Valid!!!

February 28, 2005

Of course, sd cards are compatible with palm pilots(except if made by sony) and most digital cameras, cf cards are used in other digital cameras, so be sure to confirm these are compatible with your device before you buy…
$49 1 GB CF Card
$49 1 GB SD Card

8 Port Usb/AC Power Adapter/Extention Cord Free After Rebate At Circuit City

February 28, 2005

Great for those with the new ipods thats only come with a usb charger standars…this is only available in the store…
power linky

Dell 5160 Fully Loaded Notebook For $705/Free Shipping!!!

February 24, 2005

Dell Inspiron 5160 Linky

New Ipods Announced, Old Ipods For Cheap!!! UPDATED:Old ipods now even cheaper!

February 23, 2005

New ipods are out, Here Are Some Of The Old Ipods For Great Prices:

The old apple ipod mini with 4gb, and ac charger for only $179 from was $249 yesterday), plus they dont charge shipping or tax…$179 ipod mini linky

Get The 60 GB Ipod photo for $429 from $599 yesterday) this one is the exact one ipod is rereleasing, but this old one has an ac charger, a dock, and a case also…60 Gb Ipod Photo Linky

40 GB Ipod Photo, including an ac charger, a dock, and a case for $339(was $499)40 Gb Ipod Photo Linky
40 Gb Regular Ipod, including ac charger, and a dock for $323(was $399) 40 Gb Ipod Linky

20 Gb Regular Ipod, including ac charger, and a dock for $269(was $300)20 Gb Ipod Linky

Here Are The New Ipod Prices:
Note: All the new ipods come without an ac charger(must charge via computer) they are now sold seperately for $30…
Pricing from, does not include tax…
New ipod minis:
Now with 18 hour battery lives
4 gb:$200
6 gb:$250
New Ipod Photos:
Note: These no longer include the dock the ac charger, or the case
30 gb:$350
60 gb:$450

Free Dvd-r’s, Cd-r’s, Jewel Cases At After Rebates!

February 22, 2005

25 Cd’s
10 dvd’s
25 jewel cases
$5 Cd’s Rebate
$8 Dvd’s Rebate
$4 Jewel Case Rebate

Free 2nd Day Shippping/$3.99 Overnight Shipping On All Purchases!!!

February 22, 2005

OK, its pretty stange but here goes…
amazon has a new program called amazon prime, that for a $79 membership fee you get a year’s worth of free 2 day shipping.
well i clicked on it, and before the usual amazon confirmation page, i had already purchased it!
So i emailed them to please cancel it and refund my money.
Well, they refunded my money, but they said they were unable to cancel my membership, and that i may continue to be a prime member on the house.
Not bad, eh?

Free Sample of Dry Cleaner’s Secret Offer

February 21, 2005

just what youve all been waiting for…

Free $20 Espn Zone Voucher, 40 point game card, And Mini-Cooler!!!

February 20, 2005

espn zone linky

256 MB SD Card $9.99 After Rebate-Free Ship/No Tax!!!

February 17, 2005

sd card linky
rebate linky