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HOT!!! TODAY ONLY!!! Record Low Ipod Prices!!! 60 GB Ipod Photo=$345, 30 GB Ipod Photo=$275, 512 MB Ipod Shuffle=$78!!!

June 30, 2005

This is at, and its good for new customers only (if youre not a new customer make a new account with a new email address, or for only $5 more use the returning customer coupon below!)
$10 Off $75 Coupon-Good For All Customers-Expires Today
$15 Off $200 Coupon-Good Only For New Customers-Expires 7/31
$50 Off $500 Coupon-Good For All Customers-Expires Today
$10 Rebate For Any Of These Ipods-Expires Today
30 GB Ipod Photo Linky
60 GB Ipod Photo Linky
512 MB Ipod Shuffle Linky
Just choose the ipod you want, apply the proper coupon, and the $10 rebate to get the prices listed in the title, or choose 2 ipods and use the $50 coupon to get them even cheaper than listed in the title(2 of the 30 gb ipods would be $265 each)

Interesting Read…Contest Winner Turns Down 24 Free AA Systemwide Tickets!

June 30, 2005

Someone doesnt like free stuff!
The person who won aa’s “We Know Why You Fly” (how do they know anyway???) contest turned down the grand prize of 24 free systemwide tickets due to the fact that he would have to pay between 15 and 23k in taxes on the tickets!
AA has refused to give him anything now, not even just a part of it…seems like they may have planned on this outcome…
Rumor has it in the next american airlines contest the grand prize will be 24 tickets, and the second place prize will be 48 tickets!
“AA…We don’t even know why people enter contests!”
Read the winner’s blog here:linky

1 GB Of Laptop Ram-$99.99 Shipped!!!

June 29, 2005

Another record low price for 1 stick of 1 gb laptop ram, get it and watch your laptop fly…
This is another deal from newegg, so keep in mind that they often raise and lower their prices and shipping fees throughout the day, so keep checking back if you see a higher price…
$99.99 1 GB Ram Linky

8x Dual Format, Double Layer DVD Burner For Laptops-Only $96 Shipped/No Tax!!!!!

June 28, 2005

This is from newegg, so keep in mind that they often raise and lower their prices throughout the day, but this is the cheapest ive ever seen this!
DVD burner linky

Free "Good Night" Ear Plugs!

June 28, 2005

Free ear plugs linky

¿Habla Español? ¡1 Year Free Subscription To Sporting News In Spanish!

June 28, 2005

Free TSN Subscription Linky

3 Quick Surverys…3 Gifts!!!

June 27, 2005

Survey For A $10 Office Max Gift Card
Survey For Free Domestic Shipping On DHL(DHL account # required)
Survey For A Free Rand McNally Atlas

HOT! Sam’s Club Matches Costco’s Lifetime Return Policy!!!

June 27, 2005

This is actually very hot news!!! sam’s club is now matching costco’s lifetime return policy on everything they sell except computers (6 month return policy-exactly like costco’s)
This will be even greater if it keeps spreading to more stores, lifetime return policies absolutely rock!!!

Free 32MB Memory Key

June 26, 2005

you’ll have to register first…
free memory key linky

Light Posting (if any) The Rest Of This Week!!!

June 19, 2005

Off to Iguacu Falls And Rio De Janeiro!
I will try to get online…but if not, see you in a week!