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HOT!!! TODAY ONLY! Make $200 For Opening A Free Citibank Checking Account!

March 31, 2006

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-Must put $1500 when opening your account, but you can take it out after that…
-Must make 2 online payments per month-Online payments include paying credit card bills, or even sending a check from your account to your home for $.01!
-No minimum balance requirements when making 2 online payments/month

Update: Dead Deal………($15 Off $15 At!!!)

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Use coupon code: ThankD1546

Have A New Sprint Power Vision Phone By Samsung? Here’s A Hack To Get Free Wireless High-Speed Internet On Your Computer Through It!

March 31, 2006

I recently picked up a Samsung Blade phone…(Well my treo broke, and costco didnt have any more in stock, so i downgraded to the blade and got $200 cash back, a nice deal but it’s the first time in 5 years i dont have a pda phone-especially a problem because i work for but we wont tell them that…)
Sprint’s new EV-DO(Power Vision)phones dont allow you use them as high-speed modems.
Well, at least officially.
Here’s how to hack it:
Go to Menu>Settings>Display
Then push 0 to bring up a hidden menu.
The code is 040793
Go to Toggle NAI and switch it to off
Immediately turn off your phone
Voila! Free Wireless High-Speed Internet-Use it via bluetooth or the included usb cable!

Test Day Is Here…Have Me In Your Prayers!

March 30, 2006

Update: Passed the test with flying colors (unlike a few of the other guys in my group…) although our Rabbi is still trying to figure out how I balance this site with my learning!

Only 1 more test after this one and i will be a ctownrabbi…


March 29, 2006

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Choose the Platinum business cash rebate card if you want a free card.

If you’d rather have a full featured card, the Business platinum card is an amazing credit card. The biggest downside of it is the $300 annual fee, but with the $250 it makes the card a steal! Here are just some of its’ features:
-Free Continental, Delta, And Northwest club access.
-Starwood Hotels Gold Elite Status(Room upgrades, late checkout…)
-Best Value Program( Get a refund up to $250/Item, $1000/year if something you buy goes down in price within 60 days)
-Return Program(Return any item to amex for a return if the store wont refund your money within 90 days, up to $300/item, $1000/year)
-Purchase Protection(If anything you buy is damaged/lost/stolen within 90 days it will be refunded, up to $10,000/item, $50,000/year)
-Extra Year Of Warranty On All Items With warranties Of 5 years or less.
-1 Or 2 points per dollar spent, transferable into airline miles, etc.
-$500,000 Travel Accident Insurance
-$1250 Carry On Luggage/$500 Checked-In Luggage Insurance
-Roadside Assistance

Citibank Raises Interest On E-Savings Accounts To 4.5%!!!

March 29, 2006

Account requires a citi checking account, which is free with no minimum balance as long as you pay 2 people/bills every month (You can even pay yourself twice to qualify!)
What i love about citi checking is that they give me 5 fee-free ATM transactions per month-and they reimberse the other banks fee!
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2 GB Mini-SD Card For $79 Shipped!

March 29, 2006

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Turn your mini-sd compatible cell phone into a full-blown mp3 player for a great price!

HOT! USB Bluetooth Adapter For Just $10 Shipped!!!

March 28, 2006

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Also if you sign up for their newsletter before you order you’ll get a free LED flashlight, just put the following code into the notes/instruction section before placing your order: KWKCP06
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Lowest Price Ever! Hurry! 100 Top Quality (Ridata) DVD+R’s Only $23.99 Shipped-No Rebates!!!

March 28, 2006

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HOT! 1 GB USB Flash Drive For $22.99 Shipped After $20 Rebate!

March 27, 2006

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