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Possible Limited Updates Ahead…It’s Up To You! (Plus You Can Win A Prize!)

August 31, 2006

I’m leaving for Crown Heights tomorrow, and then on to Philadelphia on Sunday, and wont be home until sometime in the middle of next week, so the verdict is open as to whether I’ll be updating on the road with my trusty 700m laptop hooked up to my 700p phone as a modem

Ok, here’s the deal:
I’ll make 1 post for each active account opened(with free photos ordered) at shutterfly or snapfish through the links above, or for each active account opened(with a winning bid placed or item put up for sale) at ebay through the link to the right!

So, support this site without costing a penny out of your pocket, and get updates during my vacation, what can top that?

To make it even hotter for all you guys! Check this out!
For each active account opened as described above you will receive 1 raffle ticket for a prize.
The prizes (all are brand new and include free shipping inside the Continental US) will be determined as follows:
1-10 total accounts opened=1 GB flash drive.
11-20 total accounts opened=The above and a bluetooth headset.
21+ total accounts opened=The above and an MP3 player.
To get your raffle entries just email me your exact info. (which account you opened, at what time did you open it, at what time did you place an order/winning bid , and with what email address)

Good Luck, and thanks for your support!
Rabbi Daniel.

How To Opt-In For The A9 Amazon Discount!

August 31, 2006

Discount Opt-In Linky

How To Be Invited To Upgrade Your Blog To Blogger Beta!

August 31, 2006

A few weeks ago I posted about Blogger Beta, (and in the process created a small uproar by implicating that i had a new blogger beta password protected blog where i post the real deals that i cant post here…)
While anyone can start a new beta blog, the ability to upgrade your blog is by invitation only, but i figured out how to get an invitation!

Step 1: Make sure your regular blog is associated with your gmail email address.
Step 2: Create a beta blogger account and beta blog using your gmail account info.
Step 3: Login to your regular blogger account after a day or so and on the dashboard page will be a blue blogger beta invitation box!

Regular Blogger Login:
Beta Blogger Login:

How To Locate Old Deals!

August 31, 2006

If you’ll notice there’s this little search box in the top left-hand corner of this site, just type in whatever topic that you would like to find a deal about, click “search this blog” and it will search this site for you!
Also in the right sidebar is a nifty little drop-down archive box where you can whittle your hours away reading classic ctowndeals from the past 2 years, plenty of which can still help you today. (However please dont post a comment on a deal from December 2004 or even 2 weeks ago, trust me, no one will read it or respond to it, however feel free to comment about an older deal under a current post where people will see it!)

10-12% Off At Best Buy!

August 30, 2006

Coupon Linky (Exp. 09/04)

Continental Joins Into The London Fare War!

August 30, 2006

Continental has matched Delta’s fare sale to London for $198+tax Round-trip in coach, and $998+tax in their vastly superior BusinessFirst class, and best of all there is lots of availability!
The only difference is that Continental flies out of EWR(Newark)
Valid dates are 11/15/06-03/21/07, Sat. night stay is required.
If you have a CO credit card dont forget to use the code for 5-6% off!

Sleek Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset For Just $32.95 Shipped!

August 30, 2006

Headset Linky

Unbelievably Cheap Express Bus Service To/From Chicago!

August 30, 2006

Megabus has some dirt cheap fares for express bus service.
I helped a friend buy a Round-trip Chicago-Cleveland ticket for $2.50
No that’s not a typo! Just $1 each way, and a .50 booking fee!
Dont believe me? Just check from Chicago to Cleveland on 10/4-10/11!
While the $1 fares can be hard to find, if you book in advance its not hard to find $16 Round-trips!
Plus the penalty for changes to your itinerary is only $1!
Destination to/from Chicago:
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Toledo,
Minneapolis/S. Paul, and S. Louis.
The only other routes available are Cleveland-Toledo, And Indianapolis-Cincinnati.

320 GB External Hard Drive For Just $112 After Coupon-No Rebates!

August 29, 2006

320 GB Hard Drive Linky
The coupon is only valid for new accounts(so just make a new one!)
$5 Off $50 Coupon Linky

Jetblue Business Card-Get $50 And 25 Trueblue Points!

August 29, 2006

Jetblue Business Amex
Annual fee is $40, which is more than offset by a $50 statement credit, 25 Trueblue points, and of course you’ll get the non-expiring Trueblue points benefit!