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HOT! 1 TB External Hard Drive For Just $234.95 After $20 Rebate And $15 Coupon!!!

June 29, 2007

Never run out of storage space ever again with a TB of space!
$15 Off $200 New Customer Coupon Linky
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2 GB Mini-SD Card And Full Size SD Card Adapter For $14.95 Shipped After Rebate!

June 29, 2007

I may just have to buy one of these for my treo 755p…
2 GB Mini-SD Card And Full Size SD Card Adapter Linky
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If I See One More Article On The iPhone..

June 29, 2007

The iPhone must be the most overhyped piece of technology in the history of mankind.

It launches in stores and online (click on the pictures for the online store link) at 6pm today and promises to ring up huge day one sales.
Then again, the overpriced Playstation 3 also rang up insane sales on its first day and is now rotting on store shelves.

Apple’s stock price has gone up by over 40% since the iPhone’s unveiling, adding 34 BILLION DOLLARS to their market cap!

If sales in the coming weeks don’t match expectations, AAPL may very well come tumbling down.

All this for a phone that:

-Will only be featured on a single US carrier.

-Claims to be a “widescreen ipod”, yet only has a fraction of the memory found in a regular ipod, and does not allow for memory cards.

-Claims to be a “revolutionary phone”, but doesn’t even have a removable battery. That means no spares, and it means that once the life-cycle of the battery comes and goes and it no longer holds a charge, you’re up a creek without a paddle!

-Claims to be a “breakthrough internet device”, yet it runs on the archaic and VERY SLOW 2nd Generation (EDGE) data network. The New York Times reported that just to load took a full 2 minutes. “You almost ache for a dial-up modem.” The iPhone will not be able to be upgraded to a faster, more recent, data network. (Yes, it has wi-fi, but if you are in a wi-fi hotspot, wouldn’t you be using a laptop to be surfing the web? It’s when you leave the hotspot’s that you need fast internet on your phone!)

-Lacks a physical hard keypad for dialing/typing.

-Will require a 2 year contract, yet at $500-$600, will cost more than a top of the line ipod and smartphone together!

In my opinion the iPhone is THE “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

I could very possibly be dead wrong and have to eat my words, but I think that Steve Jobs has finally “jumped the shark”…


June 29, 2007

Reminder: You Must Register And Book The Paid Tickets For This Amazing Promo By 06/30 (11:59pm MT)!!!

Originally posted on 06/27 at 11:01AM:
Book travel with your Jetblue Business Amex to save 5%, get double Trueblue points, and make your trueblue points never expire!

Save 3% on Jetblue tickets and get Starpoints/Skymiles by using a Starwood or Delta business amex…

The Amex 3-5% savings is rebated back to you on your statement.

Who’s up for a mileage run?!?
Fly from PIT-JFK, or anywhere else for that matter, and you’ll fly free to any Jetblue city!
Registration Linky

The cheapest ticket that I could find was from PIT-JFK for $39+ Each way ($98 including all taxes)
Here is Jetblue’s interactive route map, which can show you all non-stop and connecting options.

This unreal offer is in response to the still low traffic numbers for Jetblue in Pittsburgh, where people have some sort of strange love exclusively reserved for USeless Airways.

This offer was alerted to me by 2 Pittsburghers from a Pittsburgh-Post Gazette article.
That article just says that you get a free ticket by booking on neglects to mention that you NEED TO REGISTER FIRST, or even how to register!
(Insert Pittsburgh newspaper joke here…)

Post-Gazette Article Linky

Previous Post Linky “Jetblue: “We’re Still Looking For Signs Of Life In Pittsburgh…”

-Register and book a roundtrip ticket by 06/30/07 (11:59pm MT)
Travel must be completed by 11/15/07.
-Travel must originate in Pittsburgh.
-After travel is completed (just buying the ticket is not enough!) you will receive 100 Trueblue points, which is automatically converted into 2 one-way systemwide vouchers.
-Vouchers expire 12 months from when they are converted from points into vouchers
-You must sign up for a Trueblue account to register.
-Limit one bonus per Trueblue account.
-Offer does not apply to previously booked travel.
-The free ticket does not have to include Pittsburgh.

I noticed another slight inaccuracy in the article which says,
“Travelers who book flights through will receive 100 TrueBlue points at the conclusion of their travel, which can be redeemed for a free trip anywhere JetBlue flies. JetBlue serves 54 cities with up to 575 daily flights. The TrueBlue points will expire in one year from the date of issuance.”
Actually the 100 points that you get after flying automatically becomes 2 one-way vouchers, and those vouchers expire in 12 months.

Major hat tip to Marty C. and Yisroel C.

Get $25 Restaurant Certificates For $4 Or Less!

June 29, 2007 Linky
Enter the following code in your cart and then click “recalculate”: FREEDOM (Exp: 6/30)

Kosher restaurants include:
-BB’s Bagels-Category: American-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20
-De’nali’s-Category: Vegetarian-$10 Off $20 Certificate For $1.20
-Michael C’s-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-The Great Chicago Food & Beverage-Category: American-$10 Off $30 For $1.20
Los Angeles:
-Delice Bakery-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Tea For Two-Category: Italian-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20 or $25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
New York:
-Abigael’s-Category: American-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Bari Restaurant-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20 or $25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Bistro Grill-Category: French-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Da Mikelle II-Category Italian-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Domani’s Ristorante-Category: Italian-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Park East Grill-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4*
-Talia’s Steakhouse-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4*
If You Find Any More Kosher Restaurants Then Please Post A Comment!
Please Note: Certificates are valid for dine-in only, and may have other restrictions!
*To get the $4 price at Park East Grill or Talia’s Steakhouse, you must purchase a $25 gift certificate for a “friend” in the “give a gift” section, and then redeem that GC for the actual restaurant certificate that you want…

BOILING HOT! 20% Off Select AA AAwards If You Have A Citi AA Credit Card!

June 29, 2007

Reminder: The 20% off mileage tickets must be booked by 06/30!

Originally posted 06/07.
Don’t forget: Now would be a good time to transfer 20,000 Starwood points for 25,000 AA miles!

Please Note: This is a separate promo from the Citi Reduced Mileage Awards that allows you to book award tickets for as little as 17,500 miles. That offer is only good for a limited number of select destination cities determined each quarter.
This promo can be used to and from any city within the defined regions.

Offer Linky
Available awards at 20% less miles:
(28,000 miles from the east coast to Hawaii is an amazing deal!)

Book by 06/30, travel between 08/22-11/16.
To book travel with this offer you must call 1-800-882-8880

Within Continental US/Alaska/Canada:
Coach: 20K
Business: 36K
First 48K

Within Continental US/Alaska/Canada+Mexico/Carribean:
Coach(09/07-11/14): 20K
Coach(08/22-09/06): 24K
Business: 48K
First 64K

Within US/Alaska/Canada/Mexico/Carribean+Hawaii:
Coach: 28K
Business: 60K
First 76K

HOT! No Upgrade Required Rebate! Norton AntiVirus 2007 For Free After $45 Rebate!

June 29, 2007

Reminder: Rebate requires purchase by 06/30!

Originally posted on 06/27:
Open a new Google account and make $10 on this!

By buying this paid copy of Norton, you will qualify for upgrade rebates on all future editions!

Norton AntiVirus 2007 Linky

$45 Rebate Linky (Exp: 06/30)

HOT! Shop At Costco And Without Paying For A Membership!

June 29, 2007

Costco Promo Linky
American Express and Costco and having a promotion that you non-members can shop at and not pay the regular 5% non-member surcharge.

Here’s the fun part:
When you have a Costco cash card you are allowed to use it in Costco stores even without a membership.
You just have to show the cash card at the entrance to gain admittance.

So you can buy a cash card on with the Amex promo and have it shipped to your house for free.
Then you can use the cash card to get into Costco stores without paying $50 for a membership!

Costco Cash Card Linky

Costco has a lifetime return policy on all items except:
-Cell Phones
-Ipods/MP3 Players
Unless they were bought before the rollout schedule.

Costco’s largest competitor, Sam’s Club, continues to offer a lifetime return policy on all items except computers.
Sam’s Club memberships start at just $35/year, a $15 savings over Costco’s.

Elmo TMX For $34.79 Shipped From!

June 29, 2007

This toy is actually pretty funny-watch the full “BuyTV” video of it!
Elmo TMX Linky


June 29, 2007

The first 11 months (11/26/04-10/16/05) of this site saw 15,000 hits.
The next 9 months (10/16/05-07/20/06) saw 185,000 hits.
The past 11 months (07/20/06-06/29/07) saw 550,000 hits!
Have I really been posting stuff on a daily basis to this website for 31 months now?!?

Here’s hoping for a smooth upcoming transition to!