AA Launches 12 Hour Confirmed $25 Standby!

AA announced that you can now confirm a seat for $25 for a same day travel flight change within 12 hours of your desired flight.

Previously you had to do it within 3 hours of your desired flight.

This change will make it much easier to confirm a change to switch to a flight later than your original flight, rather than be limited to changing to an earlier flight becuase of the 3 hour rule.

The best thing about confirmed standby is that it works even on mileage and priceline tickets, which normally do not allow standby at all!

Here’s hoping that other airlines will match this customer-friendly policy change!

-Only available for domestic/caribbean flights.
-No changes are allowed in origin/destination airports.
-Changes to the connecting airports are allowed.
-Changing from an itinerary with a stop to nonstop or vice versa is allowed!

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3 Responses to “AA Launches 12 Hour Confirmed $25 Standby!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a summary of a great benefit I just realized. The way I understand it is that if there is a flight with available seats you can change for 25 bucks if there is available seats. to me that means that I buy a ticket from NYC to LAX with a few stopovers for 250 bucks, and the day of the flight I pay 25 bucks and change to the direct flight which is double the price. that sounds cool to me.

  2. Mendel Says:

    Fare rules must allow standby (except for opaque, bulk and AAdvantage tickets which do not permit standby travel)

  3. Dan Says:

    Mendel, you’re misreading what it says.
    It means that in order to do confirmed standby that the fare rules for regular tickets must allow for standby, except for opaque, bulk and AAdvantage tickets, which normally do not allow standby, (but do allow for confirmed standby)

    If you keep reading you’ll see that it says that confirmed standby is,

    “Applicable to:

    * AA, American Eagle®, AmericanConnection® flights
    * Routings within/between the 50 US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Caribbean
    * All AAdvantage® and revenue tickets including upgrade, AAirpass, opaque and bulk tickets and Travel Agency Earned/Free and AD50 tickets”

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