Pre-Order Harry Potter 7 For Just $17.99 (49% Off) And Get A $5 Off $20 Amazon Coupon!

Reminder: You must pre-order now in order to get the $5 coupon with your purchase!

Originally posted 06/24:
HP7 Pre-Order Linky
$5 Off $20 Coupon Offer Linky


8 Responses to “Pre-Order Harry Potter 7 For Just $17.99 (49% Off) And Get A $5 Off $20 Amazon Coupon!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There is probably a Halachic problem with pre-ordering this book as it’s guaranteed to be delivered on a Shabbos.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how does this work with the book i ordered last time you posted it? what i did was order TDH and another book to get it over $25. that book has long since arrived, and if i cancel and redo this order, i wont get free shipping again, right?

    also, is this cupon good for the order as you make it? i.e. order harry potter and $2.01 more, can you put on the cupon and get it all for $15?

  3. aishel Says:

    If you would have read the link you would have seen that those people who already ordered the book will also get the $5 GC.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    or, you can get your hands on the leaked copy….

    its not very good quality, but you can read it. (the pictures of the book, not the story, which i’m not going to comment on)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I already read the book and I have to say she knows how to write a ending too.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    this comment is for anon 1 and all others who love to post regarding halachic problems. This site is not a rabbinic site and people arent coming to this site to be told what they can or cannot do in judaism. We are looking for great deals and other ways to save money. please keep your jewish comments to yourself.

  7. One of the Bochurim Says:

    I don’t mean to make a whole political situation over here. However, I believe that most of the people that come to this site are Jewish and therefore there is reason to act according to Jewish law – since we are Jews. Period.
    Regarding the Halacha, feel free to check out this link:,7340,L-3426204,00.html

  8. Anonymous Says:

    as long as your postal delivery person is not jewish there are NO halachic issues of ordering a book that is scheduled to come on Shabbos.

    OTTB-how is that regarding the halacha in this matter?
    your article is regarding buying a book on shabbos, which is a totally different story.

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