Packet 8 VOIP Service-Quality Service For Less!

Update: Packet 8 was chosen as the official partner for ex-sunrocket customers.
The firms have made arrangements to expedite the number porting from sunrocket to Packet 8.
Packet 8 is now the 2nd largest independent VOIP provider, trailing only Vonage.
The signup link below has been updated to an offer that will give you an instant credit for the $30 activation fee when added to your cart, as well as a $25 statement credit!

Packet 8 Promotional $30 Activation Credit and $25 Statement Credit Signup Linky

Uniden UIP165P $30 Rebate (Free After Rebate)

Remember to port your sunrocket phone number to another carrier asap so that you won’t lose your phone number!!!

When placing an order, just select “Keep my old number” instead of “Get a new number.”

Packet 8 has a Residential 1 year unlimited calling plan to US and Canadian phones for just $199.99 (that’s under $17/month!)
Other plans include a $24.99/month monthly plan and a $49.99/month plan with unlimited calling to numerous countries throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East (And the answer is yes, Israel is included in the unlimited global plan).

Additionally they give you a free(after rebate) Uniden cordless/expandable phone with a built-in router when you sign up.

A very neat benefit of having VOIP service is realized when you are traveling internationally. You can simply plug an ethernet cable into your phone and you will have a US based number and be able to make free phone calls back to the US from wherever in the world that you may find yourself!

There is a $29.99 activation fee, but when you go through the link above you will receive a $24.99 credit on your first bill to help offset the fee.

As far as call quality goes, in Brazil we used Packet 8 for a year, and it worked out very well for us.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee-as long as you use less than 300 minutes, you will not be charged for the monthly fee, and the activation fee will be refunded as well.

5 Responses to “Packet 8 VOIP Service-Quality Service For Less!”

  1. Bz Says:

    woot off this thursday

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Any good deals on good GPS’s


  3. avromi Says:

    I live in Israel and currently have Packet 8, untill now I was paying my 25-30 dollars a month and having unlimited free untill recently when the called me (and many other Packet 8 members) to inform us that the 25 dollar plan will no longer exist for customers from overseas and it would now be 90 dollars a month! So beware, make sure to do some research first.

  4. Dan Says:

    The way to get around that is to use an american credit card with an american billing address.

  5. yossi Says:

    dan can u make a roundup post of all top voip providers pls. i am trying to get on a reliable network that doesn’t have call quality issues, but many reviews are confusing. I heard amazing thing about “voip your life”… maybe you can just round up all these companies so we can try to make a clearer choice in these most difficult times!! Thanx dan as always ur the man!

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