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Buy Select Canon Digital Cameras On Sale From Amazon And Get A Free $94 Photo Printer And A Free $17 Poster Print From Shutterfly!

February 6, 2007

A540 Linky($173.94)
SD630 Linky($256.83)
SD40 Linky($299.94)
SD800 Linky($379.99)

Photo Printer Linky
To get the photo for free just add a camera and the printer to your cart and use the following code at checkout: MKS27AHD
The shutterfly credit will be in your amazon digital locker automatically after the purchase…

HT: Asher O


Pentax Ultra-Compact Digital Camera Deals From Amazon!

January 2, 2007

Yes, you may be able to find some of these cheaper at various online stores, but don’t forget to factor the fact that Amazon doesn’t charge tax, gives free shipping, and will even pay the shipping to return the item if there’s a problem with it.
Good luck finding another camera store that has a lower price than amazon and will not not hit you with heavy restocking fees to make it practically impossible to return an item…

All Of The Following Cameras (Except the E10) Qualify For A Free $18 20×16″ Poster Photo Print From Shutterfly!!!

Pentax E10 Ultra-Compact 7 MP Camera-$139.59
Pentax E10 Linky

Pentax M20 Ultra-Compact 7 MP Camera-$181.10
Pentax M20 Linky

Pentax W20 Waterproof 7 MP Camera-$265.60
Pentax W20 Linky

Pentax A20 Ultra-Compact 10 MP Camera With Anti-Shake Protection-$301.44
Pentax A20 Linky