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HOT! Get A Free National Rental Car Emerald Club Membership And 1,000 Air Canada Miles Just For Enrolling With National!

August 16, 2007

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Also get another 2,000 miles when you complete a rental…

Hertz At LHR Is Honoring The $3 Rental Rate!

June 3, 2007

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Here is a front lines report from London Heathrow:

“I’ll be honest, I thought this was a fool’s errand. So much so that I was 2 hours late for my booking, as I kept having another cup of coffee to put off the schlepp out to LHR.

Seeing as the rental location was the north perimeter road, I opted to stay on the Tube until LHR T1,2,3. T1 is the nearest from the Tube station, so I headed for T1 international arrivals.

I kept it very neat and tidy. Big smile for the lady behind the desk, prompt presentation of credit card and both parts of the UK driving license.

She tapped something in. And then looked up and said “Do you actually want a Beetle? How about a Golf GTi?”

I meekly said yes, trying to contain my enthusiasm.

She picked up the phone. Said a few words and then hung up. At this juncture, I thought the jig was up.

But no. Fuel Options? I’ll return it full, thanks. Insurance? Covered by the Amex Platinum, I offered. She nodded vigourously to this, as if it would be madness not to be.

Then she saw the price.

To say there was a sharp intake of breath, followed by her eyes popping out on stalks would be putting it mildly. I thought someone had stabbed her.

“That’s an….amazing price”

I thought carefully and then said quietly “That’s why I’m here”

“That is an…..amazing price” She continued to stare at the screen in disbelief.

Again, “I know. That’s why I’m here.” Situations like this call for saying as little as possible.

“Well, that’s the first one of those I’ve seen. No wonder they can’t give us a pay rise”

She picked up one of the yellow booklets, filled out the details or the car and the bay, and that was that. Off to the shuttle bus.

Price was detailed in Pounds. I had on my quote

34 Days at 3.09 USD

PRICE MISTAKE! HURRY! Rent A Compact Car From Hertz In London/Heathrow For Just $3+Tax A Day Via Orbitz!

May 28, 2007

Update 2: Remember to give Hertz your mileage number when picking up the car!
Here are some participating programs:
AA-1 mile per dollar spent.
Airtran-1 Credit for 5+day rentals.
Cathay Pacific-500 Miles per rental.
Continental-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
Delta-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
Frontier-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
United-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.
USAirways-500 Miles for 5+day rentals.

Update: I made a reservation on orbitz for 99 days (it doesn’t cost anything to reserve) and when I plug in my confirmation at it shows the $3 price(even though you can’t reserve it for $3 on and that I have a “VW Beetle – Fun Collection or Similar” rented for the period.

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Minimum rental is 5 days, maximum rental is 99 days.
A 99 day rental comes out to about $600 including all taxes.
The car has manual transmission.
Works easily for all of the dates that I tried…