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Have A Citibank Checking Account? Get 10,000 AAdvantage Miles For Opening Up A Debit Card For $25!

July 20, 2007

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I’ll take another 10K miles for $25 any day.
No purchases necessary.

Repeat after me:

I will never ever make a purchase using a debit card.

BOILING HOT! 20% Off Select AA AAwards If You Have A Citi AA Credit Card!

June 29, 2007

Reminder: The 20% off mileage tickets must be booked by 06/30!

Originally posted 06/07.
Don’t forget: Now would be a good time to transfer 20,000 Starwood points for 25,000 AA miles!

Please Note: This is a separate promo from the Citi Reduced Mileage Awards that allows you to book award tickets for as little as 17,500 miles. That offer is only good for a limited number of select destination cities determined each quarter.
This promo can be used to and from any city within the defined regions.

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Available awards at 20% less miles:
(28,000 miles from the east coast to Hawaii is an amazing deal!)

Book by 06/30, travel between 08/22-11/16.
To book travel with this offer you must call 1-800-882-8880

Within Continental US/Alaska/Canada:
Coach: 20K
Business: 36K
First 48K

Within Continental US/Alaska/Canada+Mexico/Carribean:
Coach(09/07-11/14): 20K
Coach(08/22-09/06): 24K
Business: 48K
First 64K

Within US/Alaska/Canada/Mexico/Carribean+Hawaii:
Coach: 28K
Business: 60K
First 76K

HOT! Citi Identity Monitor Credit Score Service-Normally $12.95/Month, Now Just $4.95/Month!

April 23, 2007

This service lets you check all 3 of your credit scores, and all 3 of your full credit reports.
It also alerts you by email of any changes.
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Just beware that the $4.95 offer doesn’t come with the first month free as the standard $12.95/month offer comes with.

SMOKING HOT!!! ALIVE AGAIN!!! Get A $100 Rebate On Gas Purchases For Signing Up For A Free Trial Of Citi Credit Protector!!!

March 27, 2007

Note: Even if you have gotten the $100 rebate in the past, it can be done again!
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Citi Credit Protector is a service that is free for 1 month and costs .85 per $100 on a credit card.
The $100 gas rebate is valid even if you cancel during the free trial!

It offers 3 benefits:
“-Cancel your Account Balance—up to $10,000 if you should die or suffer a long term disability
-Defer payment and interest for up to 2 years—if you should lose your job, become disabled or hospitalized after you enroll
-Cancel 2 minimum monthly payments (excluding past due and over limit/over line amounts) for certain events such as a move, marriage, or having a baby.”

As long as you remember to cancel within 30 days though you will get $100 worth of gas for free!
The cancellation number is 1-888-592-7344

BOILING HOT!!! Check All 3 Of Your Credit Reports With Scores For Negative $25!!!

February 5, 2007

Citi identity monitor is a great service for those of you curious about your credit scores.
You can get all 3 of your credit scores for free!(After signing up you have to opt-in to get all 3)
Plus there is currently an offer for a $25 rebate check just for trying out the service for free for 30 days!
Just be sure to cancel within 30 days to avoid being charged $9.95(Actually even if you forget to call them up before 30 days, but call them after seeing the charge they will refund the charge without hassle!)
The cancellation number is 866-279-9637
The $25 rebate is confirmed to be valid even if you cancel within 30 days!
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