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If I See One More Article On The iPhone..

June 29, 2007

The iPhone must be the most overhyped piece of technology in the history of mankind.

It launches in stores and online (click on the pictures for the online store link) at 6pm today and promises to ring up huge day one sales.
Then again, the overpriced Playstation 3 also rang up insane sales on its first day and is now rotting on store shelves.

Apple’s stock price has gone up by over 40% since the iPhone’s unveiling, adding 34 BILLION DOLLARS to their market cap!

If sales in the coming weeks don’t match expectations, AAPL may very well come tumbling down.

All this for a phone that:

-Will only be featured on a single US carrier.

-Claims to be a “widescreen ipod”, yet only has a fraction of the memory found in a regular ipod, and does not allow for memory cards.

-Claims to be a “revolutionary phone”, but doesn’t even have a removable battery. That means no spares, and it means that once the life-cycle of the battery comes and goes and it no longer holds a charge, you’re up a creek without a paddle!

-Claims to be a “breakthrough internet device”, yet it runs on the archaic and VERY SLOW 2nd Generation (EDGE) data network. The New York Times reported that just to load took a full 2 minutes. “You almost ache for a dial-up modem.” The iPhone will not be able to be upgraded to a faster, more recent, data network. (Yes, it has wi-fi, but if you are in a wi-fi hotspot, wouldn’t you be using a laptop to be surfing the web? It’s when you leave the hotspot’s that you need fast internet on your phone!)

-Lacks a physical hard keypad for dialing/typing.

-Will require a 2 year contract, yet at $500-$600, will cost more than a top of the line ipod and smartphone together!

In my opinion the iPhone is THE “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

I could very possibly be dead wrong and have to eat my words, but I think that Steve Jobs has finally “jumped the shark”…