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Hub-War Activity!

August 1, 2007

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Detroit (NWA hub)-Las Vegas-$130+ RT On Delta

Minneapolis (NWA hub)-Las Vegas-$130+ RT On Delta

Memphis (NWA hub)-Las Vegas-$130+ RT On Delta

Cincinnati (Delta hub)-Las Vegas-$130+ RT On Northwest

Also still alive:
Chicago-Las Vegas-$118+ RT On AA, Delta, and United

NYC-Salt Lake City-$118+ RT On AA


July 20, 2007

Update-11:45AM: DEAD!

Update-11:45PM: HURRY! Now bookable on
You can use the flexible search option there to help find dates that have availability.

United is defending its’ west coast hubs!
They have filed some incredible fares-all are exactly half of the fares that Virgin America announced earlier today!!!

Los Angeles To/From S. Francisco-$44+ RT On United

Los Angeles To/From Washington DC-$129+ RT On United
S. Francisco To/From Washington DC-$129+ RT On United

NYC To/From Los Angeles-$139+ RT On United
NYC To/From S. Francisco-$139+ RT On United

AA And United Brazil Fare War!

July 1, 2007

United started up with $410+ RT fares to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from AA’s hubs.
Not to be outdone AA responded with $409 fares to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from United’s hubs!

Availability appears to be better on AA.

Fares are only available from the US, it is significantly more from Brazil.

Dallas-Sao Paulo-$410+ RT On United
Dallas-Rio de Janeiro-$410+ RT On United
S. Louis-Sao Paulo-$410+ RT On United
S. Louis-Rio de Janeiro-$410+ RT On United
Miami-Sao Paulo-$410+ RT On United
Miami-Rio de Janeiro-$410+ RT On United

Washington D.C.-Sao Paulo-$409+ RT On AA
Washington D.C.-Rio de Janeiro-$409+ RT On AA
Chicago-Sao Paulo-$409+ RT On AA
Chicago-Rio de Janeiro-$409 RT On AA
S. Francisco-Sao Paulo-$409+ RT On AA
S. Francisco-Rio de Janeiro-$409+ RT On AA

More Hub-War Activity…

March 23, 2007

NYC-Phoenix(USAir hub)-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-Milwaukee(Midwest Hub)-$118+ RT On USAirways
NYC-Atlanta(Delta hub, retaliation coming?)-$118+ RT On USAirways
NYC-Denver(United hub, retaliation coming?)-$128+ RT On Delta

AA, NWA Offer $118 Fare From NYC-Milwaukee, Midwest Retaliates!

March 9, 2007

I love hub attacks, it’s quite fun to watch the airlines battle back and forth with ridiculously low prices.

Yesterday AA and NWA published $118+ fares from NYC-MKE.

Apparently Midwest didnt take too kindly to this attack on their primary hub as they have just responded with $118+ fares from into their hubs.
Give it until 4:00pm or so for these fares to take effect.

NYC-Dallas-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-S. Louis-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-Minneapolis/S. Paul-$118+ RT On Midwest

As Promised: Continental Returns The Favor…

March 9, 2007

Update: Continental isn’t finished with United and their $94 hub attack just yet, they just filed a $94 NYC-DEN fare, which will be bookable by 4:00pm or so…

Continental just published a $94 between the United hubs of Denver and Washington D.C.
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Should be bookable by about 4:00pm est.

NYC-Denver-$94+ RT On Continental
Washington D.C.-Denver-$94+ RT On Continental

Fare Alert 03/08: United Strikes Continental’s Hubs!

March 8, 2007

United just published $94+ RT fares for travel in between any of Continental’s domestic hubs, Cleveland, Houston, and Newark.
The fare should be bookable at no later than 1:00 pm est.
Too bad they didn’t price this out to Continental’s hub in Guam…
Stay tuned for Continental’s response!

Newark-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United
Newark-Houston-$94+ RTOn United
Cleveland-Houston-$94+ RT On United
Cleveland-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United