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LAN Lanpass Kilometers-The Best Kept Secret In The Frequent Flyer Game! AKA: Your Starpoints Just Got A LOT More Valuable!

July 2, 2007

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It’s no longer about the miles-it’s about the kilometer!

LAN, based out of South America, is a OneWorld alliance member.
They have some really great flight bargains.
Why should you care?
Because 20,000 Starpoints transfers into 50,000 Lanpass Kilometers!!!

That’s right, Starpoints transfer into Lanpass Kilometers at a ratio of 1:2 plus you get 5,000 bonus starpoints with a 20,000 starpoint transfer, which at the same 1:2 ratio means you will get 10,000 bonus kilometers!

It gets better.

Lanpass Award Table Linky
Great Circle Mapper Linky

The top part of the award page shows the awards when you fly on LAN.

Some of the shocking values of Lanpass kilometers:
Bear in mind that 20,000 starpoints=50,000 kilometers!

Flights on LAN between South America zone 1 (Including Brasil) and North America are just 48,000 kilometers in coach and 90,000 kilometers in business class!
This is less than what most other airlines charge in miles!

Then comes the OneWorld award possibilities.
There are 8 Oneworld zones.
With Lanpass, (unlike cathay pacific) the kilometers listed is the total roundtrip flight kilometers.
Make sure to set the Great circle mapper to kilometers when checking distances!

Here’s the kicker:
Going from New York to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways is 18296 km.
(Chicago to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways works as well, it is 19909 km, or just 91 km. away from being zone 5!)
That places it in zone 4:
Economy: 95,000 km.
Business: 140,000 km.
First: 190,000 km

With the free 5,000 km signup bonus, you only need 90,000 km. to get to Israel!
When you transfer just 40,000 starpoints you’ll have over 100,000 km. in your Lanpass account!


HT: S.B.S.

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