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Still Alive-Get 25,000 AMEX MR Points For Opening A Free Business Gold Rewards Card!

August 16, 2007

Anyone Can Easily Get A Business Card

25,000 AMEX MR points can be easily transferred into 25,000 Continental miles.
25,000 Continental miles is enough for a domestic ticket, or churn the card 3 times and use their 70,000 mile coach award ticket to Israel, or save up for the 100,000 mile business-first class ticket to Israel!

There is no fee for one year.

Other card benefits:
-Additional Baggage Insurance: Up to $1,250 for carry-on and $500 for checked.
-Event Ticket Insurance: If you can’t go to a ticketed event due to a medical emergency, or if your ticket is stolen, you can get a refund.

AMEX Business Gold Rewards Linky

250 Free United Miles For Registering With Mileage Plus Dining!

August 16, 2007

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HOT! Get A Free National Rental Car Emerald Club Membership And 1,000 Air Canada Miles Just For Enrolling With National!

August 16, 2007

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Also get another 2,000 miles when you complete a rental…

SMOKING HOT! Vote On Videos And Get Up To 2,000 Delta Skymiles. Purchase Delta Tickets On Any AMEX And Get Double Your Actual Flight Miles!!!!

August 8, 2007

This offer is open to everyone (non-targeted!)
Delta Video Voting Registration Linky

“You watch the travel videos of the teams in each destination. Then, you vote for the video that most makes you want to travel to that place.
The team with the fewest votes gets eliminated from the Challenge! (Ouch.) The other teams go on to the next round.
There are four rounds in all.
You can get 250 bonus miles for every round you vote in.
Plus, you can get an extra 1,000 miles if you vote in all four rounds—for a total of 2,000 bonus miles.
Destination 1-Voting August 6,7,8
Destination 2-Voting August 20,21,22
Destination 3-Voting September 3,4,5
Final Destination-Voting September 17,18,19″

During Registration be sure to check the box that says “Sign up to earn double miles from American Express.”

“As part of the SiteSeer Challenge, American Express Cardmembers can also earn double flown miles! Enroll between 7/25/07 and 9/19/07, and then use any American Express Card to purchase a ticket on This offer is available for flights between 7/25/07-9/30/07. All travel must be completed on 9/30/07.”

HT: Asher O.


July 23, 2007

Update: Good news for some! If you have bought a round-trip for this promo you only need to use the outbound portion, you can throw away the return and still get the free systemwide ticket!

I’ll be doing my first “mileage run” from Pittsburgh-JFK this coming Sunday since my AA/Dallas mileage run masterpiece (insanity, if you prefer…)

If you’ve already flown with this promo, please post what you plan on doing with the free ticket!

Deal Status: DEAD!

Originally posted on 06/27 at 11:01AM:
Book travel with your Jetblue Business Amex to save 5%, get double Trueblue points, and make your trueblue points never expire!

Save 3% on Jetblue tickets and get Starpoints/Skymiles by using a Starwood or Delta business amex…

The Amex 3-5% savings is rebated back to you on your statement.

Who’s up for a mileage run?!?
Fly from PIT-JFK, or anywhere else for that matter, and you’ll fly free to any Jetblue city!
Registration Linky

The cheapest ticket that I could find was from PIT-JFK for $39+ Each way ($98 including all taxes)
Here is Jetblue’s interactive route map, which can show you all non-stop and connecting options.

This unreal offer is in response to the still low traffic numbers for Jetblue in Pittsburgh, where people have some sort of strange love exclusively reserved for USeless Airways.

This offer was alerted to me by 2 Pittsburghers from a Pittsburgh-Post Gazette article.
That article just says that you get a free ticket by booking on neglects to mention that you NEED TO REGISTER FIRST, or even how to register!
(Insert Pittsburgh newspaper joke here…)

Post-Gazette Article Linky

Previous Post Linky “Jetblue: “We’re Still Looking For Signs Of Life In Pittsburgh…”

-Register and book a roundtrip ticket by 06/30/07 (11:59pm MT)
Travel must be completed by 11/15/07.
-Travel must originate in Pittsburgh.
-After travel is completed (just buying the ticket is not enough!) you will receive 100 Trueblue points, which is automatically converted into 2 one-way systemwide vouchers.
-Vouchers expire 12 months from when they are converted from points into vouchers
-You must sign up for a Trueblue account to register.
-Limit one bonus per Trueblue account.
-Offer does not apply to previously booked travel.
-The free ticket does not have to include Pittsburgh.

I noticed another slight inaccuracy in the article which says,
“Travelers who book flights through will receive 100 TrueBlue points at the conclusion of their travel, which can be redeemed for a free trip anywhere JetBlue flies. JetBlue serves 54 cities with up to 575 daily flights. The TrueBlue points will expire in one year from the date of issuance.”
Actually the 100 points that you get after flying automatically becomes 2 one-way vouchers, and those vouchers expire in 12 months.

Major hat tip to Marty C. and Yisroel C.

Have A Citibank Checking Account? Get 10,000 AAdvantage Miles For Opening Up A Debit Card For $25!

July 20, 2007

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I’ll take another 10K miles for $25 any day.
No purchases necessary.

Repeat after me:

I will never ever make a purchase using a debit card.

Get $7 Off New York Mets Tickets-And Get 500 Delta Skymiles!

July 18, 2007
Use promotion code: SKYMILES

All tickets must be picked up at will-call.
A 500 mile Delta voucher will be included at will-call for each ticket purchased.

The Upper Reserved seats are normally $17, and are just $10 with this promotion.
Valid dates:
Tue., August 7 7:10 p.m. vs. Atlanta Braves
Wed., August 8 7:10 p.m. vs. Atlanta Braves
Thu., August 9 12:10 p.m. vs. Atlanta Braves
Tue., August 21 7:10 p.m. vs. San Diego Padres
Wed., August 22 7:10 p.m. vs. San Diego Padres
Thu., August 23 7:10 p.m. vs. San Diego Padres

You can purchase up to 12 tickets per game.
There is a ticketmaster surcharge of $2.25/ticket and $4.50/order.

Another Special Edition Of Citi Reduced AAdvantage AAwards!

July 17, 2007

Related Post:
AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For July-September 2007 Linky

These are valid from any US48 city for AA flights between September 7, 2007 and November 14, 2007.
You must be a Citi AAdvantage cardholder to book travel.
Just call 800-882-8880 to claim the award and reference the award code listed next to each destination.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Coach: 17,500 CBPLMM18
Business/First: 52,500 CBPLMM53

Fort Myers, FL
Coach: 17,500 CBPLM18
Business/First: 37,500 CBPLM38

Tampa, FL

Coach: 17,500 CBPLM18
Business/First: 37,500 CBPLM38

Jacksonville, FL
Coach: 17,500 CBPLM18
Business/First: 37,500 CBPLM38

Honolulu, HI
Coach: 27,500 CBPLM28
Business/First: 67,500 CBPLM68

Kona, HI
Coach: 27,500 CBPLM28
Business/First: 67,500 CBPLM68

Neat Mileage Converter Tool!

July 5, 2007

Mileage Converter Tool Linky

An Attempt At Clarifying People’s Confusion Regarding Starpoints…

July 5, 2007

Note: Even if you didn’t follow these steps and you signed for the starwood credit card before getting a starwood number, you will still have a starwood number, and possibly multiple numbers if you have more than 1 credit card.
Just call up AMEX to find out what it is, and then register it on
If you have multiple numbers then call Starwood to merge the accounts.

Many people have emailed me and commented that although I am always posting great uses for Starpoints, I do not make the process entirely clear.

Another point of confusion among some people seems to be where the points are stored.

For starters, here’s a point of comparison:
Having points with Starwood is just like having miles on American Airlines(AA)!
-With both AA and Starwood you have a mileage account, in which you collect “miles” (AAdvantage miles with AA or Starpoints with Starwood).
-They both have affiliated credit cards, AA has one issued by Citi and Starwood has one issued by Amex.
-Every month Citi automatically transfers your miles over to your AA account, and every month Amex automatically transfers your points into your Starwood account.
-Both the AA and Starwood credit cards have signup bonuses and both cards can be churned (meaning that the signup bonus can be earned multiple times.)
-Both the AA and Starwood credit cards come in consumer and business versions.
The business versions generally have more benefits. (AA’s business card earns double miles for AA tickets, and the Starwood business card saves you up to 5% on stuff like Delta or Jetblue tickets and Fedex with Amex Open Savings)

Having said that, here is a step by step process of turning starpoints into free tickets.

Step 1: Go to (SPG stands for Starwood Preferred Guest.)

Step 2: In the middle column it says, “JOIN STARWOOD PREFERRED GUEST”
Enter in your Email address and click join!

Step 3: Fill out your personal information, make a user ID and password, and get a SPG Starpoints number.


Step 5:Open up a consumer and business starwood amex card to receive 20,000 starpoints for signing up.(Links for the best offers can be found at the top of this site. The consumer version currently has a sweet bonus offer worth up to 25,000 starpoints!)
Be sure to enter in your Starwood number that you just received into the application forms!

Step 6:
You will see the points from the starwood credit cards show up into your starwood account within a week of when the statement closes.

Step 7:
Decide what you want to do with your starpoints! Read about the options in the knowledgebase!

Let’s say that you want to transfer the 40,000 starpoints you have (because you have churned each of the starwood cards) into 100,000 kilometers on LAN in order to get a ticket from Chicago-Tel Aviv (cost=95,000 kilometers).

Step 8: Go to the knowledgebase and find the link to get 5,000 free kilometers for signing up for a LAN account.

Step 9: Sign up for the LAN account and keep you user ID, password, and LAN number in a safe place.

Step 10: Click on the following link to take you to the transfer points page: Starpoint Transfer Linky

Step 11: Go to Airline transfer, and click on “transfer now.”

Step 12: Login to your starpoints account when prompted.

Step 13: Choose to transfer to LAN Lanpass, at a ratio of 1 starpoints=2 lanpass kilometers. You also get a bonus 10,000 kilometers for every 20,000 starpoints that you transfer, so (contrary to what the starwood site itself may indicate) 40,000 starpoints will net you 100,000 kilometers.

Step 14: When the kilometers show up in your Lanpass account call up LAN to book your mileage ticket to Israel. They should ticket you on British Airways via London.

Some tidbits that you may not know:
-You can transfer starpoints between any starpoint account in your household simply by giving starwood a call!
-You automatically become elite (preferred plus level) when you have the starwood AMEX card! With preferred plus elite status you get a free room upgrade upon check-in and a guaranteed 4pm late checkout at any Starwood brand hotel!
-You can sign up anyone in your family for a Starwood AMEX card and give AMEX your starwood number. All of the points earned will conveniently automatically go into your account!