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Palm Foleo?

May 31, 2007

Is Palm getting desperate or what?
Today they released a Treo companion called the Foleo.
It weighs as much as the TX series of the Sony Vaio’s, but has a smaller screen and does a whole lot less.
In fact, just about the only only thing it can do is sync email and surf the web-it won’t even sync your calander appointments.

Palm founder Jeff Hawkins said that,
“Palm will initially target heavy users of wireless e-mail who are looking for a portable device to ease the burden of relying on a smart phone as a primary computing device.”

No offense Jeff, but the last time I checked, that was called a laptop.

Palm still has yet to come up with their own truly innovative product this century, even the highly-successful Treo was invented by Handspring and later bought by Palm.

Here’s hoping that Palm’s new Linux-based OS that will be unveiled later will not be such a huge dissapointment as well.