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Starwood 15,000 Points Promo Posts Fast!

July 26, 2007

From my inbox:

So I caved in and switched to the starwood card (The 20,000 point tickets to Brazil was the deal sealer for me, I can flip that for $$$$)
Card came a couple weeks ago and I spent $25,000 on it already.
Just checked my starwood balance and there is over 52,000 points sitting there!
10,000 for opening the card
2,500 for an additional card
15,000 for the 15,000 bonus
25,000 for base spend

You have made a convert of me!

Glad to hear it-and it’s good to know that the 15,000 starpoints post so quickly.
Don’t forget that once you spend $30,000 you’ll be upgraded to Starwood Gold Elite Status-Enjoy!

Launching Friday: A Revamped!

July 19, 2007

Starwood is revamping their website, and if all goes well it will go live on Friday!

I have confirmed that the new website will integrate the new Cash & Points option!

Get ANOTHER 2,500 Starwood Points When You Are Activating Your Starwood Consumer Card!!!

July 13, 2007

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This is really simple, but it may not work for everyone.

I discovered this after activating a few family member’s cards.

When you are activating your card, push “0” to speak to a live person.
They will run through a whole activation spiel with you.
As part of the spiel they will offer you the ability to add an additional card to your account and get 2,500 bonus starwood points for adding one cardholder, with no annual fee!

Getting an additional card should not affect your credit at all.

You do not have to give the other cardholders social security number, just a birthdate (Tell them that you don’t know their social security number).

If you are not offered the additional card or the 2,500 points, just ask for it!

Good luck, and please post your experiences!

Additionally I was not successful in one try at getting this promo for an existing card, but if anyone is successful, please post that as well!

An Attempt At Clarifying People’s Confusion Regarding Starpoints…

July 5, 2007

Note: Even if you didn’t follow these steps and you signed for the starwood credit card before getting a starwood number, you will still have a starwood number, and possibly multiple numbers if you have more than 1 credit card.
Just call up AMEX to find out what it is, and then register it on
If you have multiple numbers then call Starwood to merge the accounts.

Many people have emailed me and commented that although I am always posting great uses for Starpoints, I do not make the process entirely clear.

Another point of confusion among some people seems to be where the points are stored.

For starters, here’s a point of comparison:
Having points with Starwood is just like having miles on American Airlines(AA)!
-With both AA and Starwood you have a mileage account, in which you collect “miles” (AAdvantage miles with AA or Starpoints with Starwood).
-They both have affiliated credit cards, AA has one issued by Citi and Starwood has one issued by Amex.
-Every month Citi automatically transfers your miles over to your AA account, and every month Amex automatically transfers your points into your Starwood account.
-Both the AA and Starwood credit cards have signup bonuses and both cards can be churned (meaning that the signup bonus can be earned multiple times.)
-Both the AA and Starwood credit cards come in consumer and business versions.
The business versions generally have more benefits. (AA’s business card earns double miles for AA tickets, and the Starwood business card saves you up to 5% on stuff like Delta or Jetblue tickets and Fedex with Amex Open Savings)

Having said that, here is a step by step process of turning starpoints into free tickets.

Step 1: Go to (SPG stands for Starwood Preferred Guest.)

Step 2: In the middle column it says, “JOIN STARWOOD PREFERRED GUEST”
Enter in your Email address and click join!

Step 3: Fill out your personal information, make a user ID and password, and get a SPG Starpoints number.


Step 5:Open up a consumer and business starwood amex card to receive 20,000 starpoints for signing up.(Links for the best offers can be found at the top of this site. The consumer version currently has a sweet bonus offer worth up to 25,000 starpoints!)
Be sure to enter in your Starwood number that you just received into the application forms!

Step 6:
You will see the points from the starwood credit cards show up into your starwood account within a week of when the statement closes.

Step 7:
Decide what you want to do with your starpoints! Read about the options in the knowledgebase!

Let’s say that you want to transfer the 40,000 starpoints you have (because you have churned each of the starwood cards) into 100,000 kilometers on LAN in order to get a ticket from Chicago-Tel Aviv (cost=95,000 kilometers).

Step 8: Go to the knowledgebase and find the link to get 5,000 free kilometers for signing up for a LAN account.

Step 9: Sign up for the LAN account and keep you user ID, password, and LAN number in a safe place.

Step 10: Click on the following link to take you to the transfer points page: Starpoint Transfer Linky

Step 11: Go to Airline transfer, and click on “transfer now.”

Step 12: Login to your starpoints account when prompted.

Step 13: Choose to transfer to LAN Lanpass, at a ratio of 1 starpoints=2 lanpass kilometers. You also get a bonus 10,000 kilometers for every 20,000 starpoints that you transfer, so (contrary to what the starwood site itself may indicate) 40,000 starpoints will net you 100,000 kilometers.

Step 14: When the kilometers show up in your Lanpass account call up LAN to book your mileage ticket to Israel. They should ticket you on British Airways via London.

Some tidbits that you may not know:
-You can transfer starpoints between any starpoint account in your household simply by giving starwood a call!
-You automatically become elite (preferred plus level) when you have the starwood AMEX card! With preferred plus elite status you get a free room upgrade upon check-in and a guaranteed 4pm late checkout at any Starwood brand hotel!
-You can sign up anyone in your family for a Starwood AMEX card and give AMEX your starwood number. All of the points earned will conveniently automatically go into your account!

LAN Lanpass Kilometers-The Best Kept Secret In The Frequent Flyer Game! AKA: Your Starpoints Just Got A LOT More Valuable!

July 2, 2007

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It’s no longer about the miles-it’s about the kilometer!

LAN, based out of South America, is a OneWorld alliance member.
They have some really great flight bargains.
Why should you care?
Because 20,000 Starpoints transfers into 50,000 Lanpass Kilometers!!!

That’s right, Starpoints transfer into Lanpass Kilometers at a ratio of 1:2 plus you get 5,000 bonus starpoints with a 20,000 starpoint transfer, which at the same 1:2 ratio means you will get 10,000 bonus kilometers!

It gets better.

Lanpass Award Table Linky
Great Circle Mapper Linky

The top part of the award page shows the awards when you fly on LAN.

Some of the shocking values of Lanpass kilometers:
Bear in mind that 20,000 starpoints=50,000 kilometers!

Flights on LAN between South America zone 1 (Including Brasil) and North America are just 48,000 kilometers in coach and 90,000 kilometers in business class!
This is less than what most other airlines charge in miles!

Then comes the OneWorld award possibilities.
There are 8 Oneworld zones.
With Lanpass, (unlike cathay pacific) the kilometers listed is the total roundtrip flight kilometers.
Make sure to set the Great circle mapper to kilometers when checking distances!

Here’s the kicker:
Going from New York to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways is 18296 km.
(Chicago to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways works as well, it is 19909 km, or just 91 km. away from being zone 5!)
That places it in zone 4:
Economy: 95,000 km.
Business: 140,000 km.
First: 190,000 km

With the free 5,000 km signup bonus, you only need 90,000 km. to get to Israel!
When you transfer just 40,000 starpoints you’ll have over 100,000 km. in your Lanpass account!


HT: S.B.S.

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Pinnacle DVD Maker Deluxe For Just $34.99 From Woot!

June 29, 2007 linky
This is a Woot Product Launch!
It comes with all of the required cables and purports to make it simple to transfer VHS videos onto DVD’s via a computer with a DVD recorder.
How do you know if a brand new product is any good, especially when you only have 24 hours to woot?
You don’t.
However while woot doesn’t have a return policy, your Starwood Amex does!
Buy it on your Starwood Amex and you’ll have 90 days to return it to Amex and get your money back!


June 28, 2007

-Earn 10,000 starpoints for opening up the card.
-Earn another 30,000 starpoints (15,000 for the 1 point per dollar spent, and a 15,000 point bonus) for spending $15,000 on the card in the first 6 months of having the card!
The Starwood Amex is currently churnable (you can earn the signup bonus multiple times)
Need some help getting to $15,000?
You obviously didn’t read my previous post!
Starwood Signup Offer Linky
HT: Asher O.

Starwood Branded Hotels In Israel.

June 27, 2007

In the recent Starwood post an anonymous commenter asked about the Starwood branded hotels in Israel.
Less than 20 minutes later another anonymous commenter answered,
“Israel is one of the best places to use the starwood points (since they dont categorize them properly) – Le meridien dead sea 2-3000 points and the Herods Eilat which usually costs around 350 Dollars (cat 3) is only 7000 points in America it would be a Cat 6 – The Jerusalem Sheraton is also only 7000 points but not such a great hotel – still a unreal value.”

Now that is how the comments system is supposed to work-other people answering questions that they know about!

Since I have a planned trip to go to Israel in August for the first time since I was an infant, I have been looking into this issue as well!
P.S. If anyone has any other Israel tips (cell phones, car rentals, GPS rentals, etc.) please leave a comment!

There are 13 Starwood hotels in Israel.

Category 1:
Le Méridien Dead Sea
Sheraton Moriah Dead Sea
Le Méridien Haifa

Category 2:
Sheraton Moriah Eilat
Sheraton Moriah Tiberias

Category 3:
Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza Hotel
Sheraton City Tower Tel Aviv
Sheraton Moriah Tel Aviv
Herods Forum Eilat
Herods Vitalis Spa Eilat
Le Méridien Eilat
Sheraton Herods Palace Hotel Eilat

Category 4:
Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel and Towers

Again, here is the cost in starpoints by category,

Category 1: 3,000 points (2,000 on a weekend)
Category 2: 4,000 points (3,000 on a weekend)
Category 3: 7,000 points
Category 4: 10,000 points

Restricted Cash And Points: (Tentative-Launching June 28th.)
Category 1: 1,200 points + $25
Category 2: 1,600 points + $30
Category 3: 2,800 points + $45
Category 4: 4,000 points + $60

Launching June 28th: Improved Starwood Starpoints/Cash Hotel Awards!

June 26, 2007

Please note: This news has yet to be confirmed from Starwood, but the source is trustworthy enough to make a post about this already.

Good news!
It will soon be cost even less starpoints to stay in great hotels worldwide!

Here’s a brief summary in order to understand what is changing.
There are 6 good uses for starpoints.

Use #1: Unrestricted, No Blackouts/Capacity Controlled Hotel Stays: See Below.
Use #2: Restricted Cash And Points Hotel Stays: See Below.
Use #3: Hotel Room Upgrades: Starts at 1,000 points.
Use #4: Nights AND Flights: 60,000 starpoints gets you 50,000 miles on the airline of your choice AND 5 nights in a category 3 hotel.
70,000 starpoints gets you 50,000 miles on the airline of your choice AND 5 nights in a category 4 hotel.
Use #5: 5th Night Free: When you book an unrestricted category 3-6 hotel award for 5 nights you only pay for the points of 4 nights.
Use #6: Transferring into Real Airline Miles. 20,000 starpoints=25,000 miles on numerous airlines.

Use #2 is what is dramatically improving.
Until now the cash and points option was only available at maybe 50 htoels worldwide.
Now it will become available for all hotels in categories 3-6 and for Asia/Pacific hotels in categories 1-2 as well.

Here is the pricing difference between an unrestricted hotel stay and a restricted cash and points stay.

Category 1: 3,000 points (2,000 on a weekend)
Category 2: 4,000 points (3,000 on a weekend)
Category 3: 7,000 points
Category 4: 10,000 points
Category 5: 12,000 points (16,000 in peak season)
Category 6: 20,000 points (25,000 in peak season)

Restricted Cash And Points:
These rates are tentative and not official yet-hopefully they will be confirmed by Starwood by June 28th!
Category 1: 1,200 points + $25
Category 2: 1,600 points + $30
Category 3: 2,800 points + $45
Category 4: 4,000 points + $60
Category 5: 4,800 points + $90
Category 6: 8,000 points + $150

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Devaluation…

June 13, 2007

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Introduction Linky
Current Asia Miles Award Chart Linky
New Asia Miles Award Chart Linky

Planning on using Asia Miles for premium class travel?
You might want to hold off on transferring those 20,000 starpoints into 25,000 Asia Miles…
It was just too good to last!
Cathay Pacific announced today that for the first time in Asia Miles history they are finally raising premium class long-haul rates to bring themselves closer in line with other programs.

The changes will be effective for tickets issued after 10/15/07. If you want to cash out do so before that time!!!

The interesting thing is that they have actually decreased the miles required for many of the short-haul awards, and they have not increased the rates for economy.

Also of note: While they have tinkered with the regular award chart a lot, their oneworld around-the-world award chart remains exactly the same for the time being!

The reason why all of this is so bad is that they are raising the rate of their extremely popular Zone C business and first class awards by 33%!

Remember that all Asia Mile awards are done in mileage zones according to the Great Circle Mapper.

Here is a comparison of changes:

Round-Trip Miles Required On Routes That Are:

Zone S: 0-600 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Cleveland-NYC, London-Paris)
These rates went down in premium classes!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 15K, 15K
Business: 40K, 30K
First: 50K, 40K

Zone A: 601-1,200 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Chicago-NYC, Athens-Tel Aviv, Hong Kong-Shanghai)
These rates went down in economy and business!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 25K, 20K
Business: 45K, 40K
First: 55K, 55K

Zone B: 1,201-2,500 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: LAX-NYC, Honolulu-S. Fransisco, London-Tel Aviv)
These rates went down in economy!
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 35K, 30K
Business: 50K, 50K
First: 70K, 70K

Here’s where we start going downhill…

Zone C: 2,501-5,000 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: Seattle-London, NYC-Sao Paulo, NYC-Paris, NYC-Honolulu)
Ouch! 33% rate hikes for the best deal on premium classes out there.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 45K, 45K
Business: 60K, 80K
First: 90K, 120K

Zone D: 5,001-7,500 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: NYC-Tel Aviv, LAX-Sydney, NYC-Tokyo, NYC-Delhi)
20% business hike, near 30% hike for first.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 60K, 60K
Business: 100K, 120K
First: 140K, 180K

Zone E: 7,501-10,000 Miles Each Way:
(Examples: NYC-Hong Kong, NYC-Sydney)
About a 20% hike for premium classes.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 90K, 90K
Business: 120K, 145K
First: 180K, 220K

Zone F: 10,000+ Miles Each Way:
20-25% hike for premium classes.
Current Rate, New Rate:
Economy: 110K, 110K
Business: 145K, 175K
First: 210K, 260K

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