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How To Use Your Sprint Treo 700p Or 755P As A Modem With The Included USB Cable!

June 18, 2007

Warning: This is an advanced user hack, only attempt this if you are confident in your Palm OS skills!
Use at your own risk!!!
Also be sure than you are on an unlimited data plan, like SERO, so that you will not be charged per kilobyte!

Before Sprint launched Power-Vision(EV-DO) all phones could be used as a modem.
After the launch of power-vision it became a little trickier.
Samsung phones can be used as a modem pretty easily.
Originally there was a generic code that I outlined back in March of 2006.
Then Samsung got a little sneakier and changed the generic code to your phone’s unlock code. Luckily that code is fairly easy to get with Sprint.

At any rate Palm takes it one step further-you actually need to add a file to your phone to make it work as a modem.

The easy way is to pay $34 for Pdanet.

The following is for those of you out there who are up doing a little more work to get something for free…

Step 1: Download and install Resco Explorer onto your treo. Here is the application link for a 14 day free trial:
Resco Explorer .prc Linky

Step 2: Download and install the following hack ONTO AN SD/MINI-SD CARD. You can do so either by putting the .prc file directly onto the memory card using a memory card reader, or via Palm Desktop quick install and putting the file into the expansion card file. Hack Linky

Step 3: Launch Explorer on your treo and open up the SD card file for Palm, and then launcher to find the hack file. Highlight the hack file, go to the edit menu and select copy to and then copy it to RAM.

Step 4: Download Sprint Connection Manager. Install the files for the treo.

You should be good to go, if you have any problems connecting you may want to close down hotsync and/or try connecting to the internet from the treo itself before dialing out as a modem.

Treo 755P Now Available At Sprint Stores!

May 14, 2007

As I let you guys know over 2 months ago, there is a new treo for sprint that finally has an internal antenna!
755p Cnet Review Linky
This treo adds built-in push-email and IM support, a more stable version of bluetooth, a 320×320 high-res screen, and 128MB RAM.
Unfortunately it only accepts mini-sd cards.
According to cnet the cost is $429.99 outright or $279.99 with a 2 year contract.
Apparently, at least according to the sprint website the 755p is $579.99 outright, or $279.99 with a 2 year contract.

Palm Treo Owners-Record Your Phone Conversations For Free!

March 29, 2007

First you must register and login at (Or just use bugmenot)
Then you can download Call Rec by clicking here.
The program records calls onto your sd card-and it works quite well…