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July 20, 2007

Update-11:45AM: DEAD!

Update-11:45PM: HURRY! Now bookable on
You can use the flexible search option there to help find dates that have availability.

United is defending its’ west coast hubs!
They have filed some incredible fares-all are exactly half of the fares that Virgin America announced earlier today!!!

Los Angeles To/From S. Francisco-$44+ RT On United

Los Angeles To/From Washington DC-$129+ RT On United
S. Francisco To/From Washington DC-$129+ RT On United

NYC To/From Los Angeles-$139+ RT On United
NYC To/From S. Francisco-$139+ RT On United

Sign Up For "Thanks Again," Get 500 Free Miles, Make a Purchase And Get Another 500 Miles!

April 22, 2007

You must give these guys a credit card number to sign up so that they can track your purchases.
If you just want the signup bonus there’s no reason that you can’t give them a citi virtual card number or prepaid card number…
In my area it appears that the only current merchants they have are dry-cleaners.
500 Free United Miles Linky
500 Free Continental Miles Linky
500 Free Delta Miles Linky

Fare Alert 03/08: United Strikes Continental’s Hubs!

March 8, 2007

United just published $94+ RT fares for travel in between any of Continental’s domestic hubs, Cleveland, Houston, and Newark.
The fare should be bookable at no later than 1:00 pm est.
Too bad they didn’t price this out to Continental’s hub in Guam…
Stay tuned for Continental’s response!

Newark-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United
Newark-Houston-$94+ RTOn United
Cleveland-Houston-$94+ RT On United
Cleveland-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United

Shhh…Airline Elite Status Matching…

February 27, 2007

In the past I’ve written about shortcuts to elite status with AA and United, and about Airtran offering lifetime elite-status matches.(All accessible in the knowledgebase)

All of this stuff is unofficial-so YMMV-your mileage may vary, and you won’t find any of this information on the airline’s websites.

United is known to match up to 1P (mid-tier) status.
Send a copy of your current elite status card or statement to:
Mileage Plus Service Center
Attention: Premier Status Match
P.O. Box 28870
Tucson, AZ 85726

Or fax it to:

It won’t hurt your case if you explain why you might switch your business to United.

Stay tuned for more airlines that offer status matching…

United Airlines Offers An Elite Challenge!

January 9, 2007

I have blogged in the past about AA’s secret challenge program that is a fast track to Gold or Platinum Elite status.

United now is offering a similar program, although it differs in many details.

You can get 2P(Premier) or 1P (Premier Executive) status through the program.

To enroll call 1-800-421-4655 and ask to sign up for promo MPP597
The cost is $100.
Fly 6,250 EQM’s within 90 days of registration and you get 2P status.
Fly 12,500 EQM’s within 90 days of registration and you get 1P status.
Status lasts from the time when you complete the challenge until 02/08.

(For those of you not familiar with EQM’s it means elite qualifying miles. On united all fares earn 100% eqm’s except full fare coach, business, and first which earn 150% eqm’s. Basically if your flight is 10,000 miles and you’re in a regular coach fare you will get 10,000 EQM’s, if you are flying in first you will get 15,000 EQM’s.)

If people request it, I can make another post hammering out the exact details between the AA and UA challenges…

Fare Alerts-01/03: United Declares War On…Everyone?

January 3, 2007

Update: Dead.
United has filed a $106+ RT fare to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands(STT) or to San Juan, PR(SJU), from just about every other airline’s hub this side of the rockies…

Fare is valid from the following hubs:
AA-Dallas/Ft. Worth, S. Louis.
Continental-Cleveland, Houston, Newark.
Delta-Atlanta, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City(Hey, isn’t that west of the rockies?).
Northwest-Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis/S. Paul.
USAir-Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

Travel is valid from now through the end of February, although finding flights with seats at this fare is the tricky part..
Comes out to between $150-$160 RT after all taxes.
Sample of valid dates from CLE-STT on is from 02/01-02/06.